The Eggling, Nyokki, Petit Coco and Taterpots are adorable little plant kits for growing. Designed to make smiles and help everyone enjoy some green in their life. Click on menu items to learn more. We are from Japan.


The precious, little eggling looks and feels like an extra large egg, but crack its top and discover a garden ready to grow! Available in herbs and flowers. The Eggling is a bestseller and a finalist as Gift of the Year.


Pots with personality, Taterpots are super sprouting spud shaped pots that grow pretty tasty herbs. Wink-wink!

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New Products

Rainy Day Garden

Little Boots— Make A Sweet Garden! The Rainy Day Garden Kits are colorful ceramic baby boot planters packed with everything needed to start a garden except the rain! Inside the cute little boots are peat pucks and seed packs of either herbs or flowers.

I Grobot

Ready to save the world, one grass-headed robot to make planet earth green. Unpack the i grobot from its little red box, place its body on its legs, fill it with the peat and seeds provided, water and watch i grobot come alive!


The adorable Nyokki Egg Pet Plant grows grass hair to style and cut again. Nyokki is fun to say. “N-yoo—key, n-yoo-key, n-yoo-key.”


Petit Coco

The adorable Petit Coco are French inspired containers that grow tasty herbs! Cook up some fresh herbs in these precious little French inspired pots.



Clickety Click—New Barba Trick—Barbagarden! Barbagarden is a new line of growing gifts featuring the delightful Barbapapa characters. Barbapapa Grass Garden grows grass hair. Easy to do, just water and soon a thick grass garden appears.


Lovable knuckleheads that grow some wild herbs.Crack-a-heads are a lovable bunch of “potheads”. Bust their noggin (ok, tap it with the back of a spoon), water them and these knuckleheads grow one of three wild herbs – basil, mint, or lemon balm!

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